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ISO 14001 standard defines the criteria for an environmental management system that can be integrated into an organization’s core business processes to enhance its environmental performance. It imparts guidance to any organization on establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an environmental management system that is robust, credible, and reliable. ISO 14001 Certification in Malaysia is intended to be used by an organization requiring practical tools to manage its environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

Environmental safety is an essential concern for any industrial activity since indifference and non-compliance can increase the danger of harm, disease, and unintentional environmental hazards. Even if managing occupational health and safety issues is not the purpose of the environmental management system, an organization can nonetheless incorporate them when attempting to create an integrated environmental and occupational health and safety management system. ISO 14001 can be applied to any organization, regardless of size, type, and nature, and applies to the environmental aspects of its activities, products, and services that the organization determines it can either control or influence considering a life cycle perspective.

The benefits of ISO 14001 Certification in Malaysia include reduced negative impacts on the environment, proper compliance with legal requirements related to the environment, and will be a strong step toward sustainable business. Hence, ISO 14001 certification will give you a distinct edge over your rivals and will help to maintain and improve your market position.

TopCertifier is a global consulting firm providing business advisory, training, process consultation, and certification services in Malaysia. With operations in 30+ countries and the successful completion of 4500+ projects across different standards, we are a one-stop solution provider for all your certification needs. TopCertifier offers ISO 14001 Certification Consulting Services in Malaysia across all major locations like Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Malacca, Kuching, etc. Our ISO 14001 Certification services in Malaysia include Gap Analysis, Documentation, Training, Organize Internal audits, and External audits. We understand the local business culture/ necessities in Malaysia and focus on practices that could increase your bottom line rather than just sticking to standard guidelines and supporting organizations to achieve certification simpler, faster, and affordably. Therefore, TopCertifier is recognized as one of the best ISO 14001 Certification Consultants in Malaysia.



An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. This site provides information and resources related to establishing an EMS for small businesses and private industry, as well as local, state and federal agencies.

ISO 14001, is a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that offers any organisation a framework for developing, implementing and maintaing an Environmental Management System (EMS.). It states the principles and criteria that would enable organisations to control their environmental aspects and work towards continuous improvement.

● Scope of EMS
● Environmental Policy
● Risk and Opportunities to be Addressed and Processes
● Criteria for Evaluation of Significant Environmental Aspects
● Environmental Aspects with Associated Environmental Impacts
● Significant Environmental Aspects
● Compliance Obligations Document
● Environmental Objectives and Plans for Achieving Them
● Operational Control
● Emergency Preparedness and Response
● Records of Training, Skills, Experience and Qualifications
● Evidence of Communication
● Monitoring and Measurement Results
● Evidence of the Compliance Evaluation Result
● Internal Audit Program
● Results of Internal Audits
● Results of the Management Review
● Results of Corrective Actions

The steps for achieving ISO 14001 Certification for any organization in Malaysia include:-
● Conduct Gap Analysis
● Prepare Documentation
● Get Awareness Training
● Implement Policies and Procedures
● Conduct Internal Audit
● Identify Non-conformities
● Conduct Management Review Meeting
● Take Corrective Actions
● External Audit
● Get Certified Succesfully

The ISO 14001 standard should be followed by all businesses that wish to offer a safe working environment for their employees. ISO 14001 certification in Malaysia may be obtained by any business, regardless of size or style, from a single office building to a worldwide corporation. ISO 14001 accreditation may help any industry, including manufacturing and processing, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries management.

● Shows a commitment to all existing and future environmental rules and regulations.
● Increased safety of employees within the organization.
● Enhanced brand reputation
● Improved efficiency
● A firm may obtain a competitive edge and save money by maximizing the use of environmental resources.
● Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
● Increases the confidence of stakeholders in the company.

The cost of getting 14001 Certified in Malaysia depends on a range of factors like audit duration, organization size, the scope of risk, the current level of compliance, and more. To get an accurate quotation, contact TopCertifier.

ISO 14001 implementation for any organization depends on the focus, knowledge, expertise, and resources available. It also depends on various factors like the complexity of the business, the number of employees, working shifts, and so on.

There are two ways in achieving ISO 14001 Certification in Malaysia :-
1) To achieve ISO 14001 certification in Malaysia, an organisation must first develop and implement a food safety management system that meets all of the Standard's requirements. Once the EMS is in place, the organisation can apply for certification with an accredited certification body. The certification body will audit the EMS to confirm that it meets the standards of ISO 14001. If the EMS is found to be compliant, the certification body will issue an ISO 14001 certificate.

2) Adopting a hassle-free approach to developing any organization's food safety management framework, TopCertifier will look at an organization's operation and provide a benchmark that will guide the building of new food safety controls. Our ISO 14001 consultants will also review your collection of policies, procedures, and processes before building bespoke policies that fit your organization's requirements. We understand the local business culture/ necessities in Malaysia and focus on practices that could increase your bottom line rather than just sticking to standard guidelines and supporting organizations to achieve certification simpler, faster, and affordably.

Developing a management system based on ISO 14001 can be tough, but choosing the right certification body is tougher. A number of criterias come into the picture while choosing a CB like its reputation, accreditation, specialization, experience, flexibility and language spoken. TopCertifier with its experienced consultants & auditors help an organization right from its initial contact by explaining which certification would suit an organization better, select a respectable certification body based on all the above mentioned criterias, develop a management system, conduct trainings and ensure simpler certification process for its clients with proper documentation and end-to-end support. Hence, TopCertifier is the one-stop solution for all your certification needs.

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